Frequently Asked Questions

Bakery Door

Find us at 258 Canning hwy, Bicton -"Bicton Central" 
(the shop with no sign and a struggling grapevine near Princi Butcher and Zab Indian).

We are open from 7am until sold out on Thursdays and Fridays, then 7:30am until sold out on Saturdays and Sundays.

We have plenty available, best to come before 10am if you haven’t ordered for a better chance of getting what you’re after. 

We have limited seating but you’re welcome to enjoy a batch brew with counter offerings on any given day.


We pay respects to the traditional custodians of the land on which we cook and create, the Whadjuk people of the Noongar nation. We acknowledge that the worlds first breads were baked on aboriginal land, and that ancient grains and seeds have been stone ground and utilised here for their nutritional values for well over 30,000 years.



Hunter Bread finds the best ingredients it can to work with. Sustainable flour comes from wholegrain milling. Stoneground single source flour comes from Willgrow farming in Gingin. Organics and real vanilla come via Healthy Valley Organics. Liquor from Taliancich wines in the Swan Valley for various pastry offerings. Jams from Anne Bramoulle at ooh la la preserves. Coffee for batch and the occasional espresso from Pound Coffee. Dairy from Calendar Cheese and veggies from Pezzano. 

Allergy Information

Even though our breads don’t usually contain nuts, dairy, seeds, lupin (unless stated) and we do our best to ensure they are not present, we still cannot guarantee they don’t contain trace elements.

How do I order?

Simply place your order through our web shop with minimum 48 hours notice.

Select your preferred date and time for collection from our bakery in Bicton (the shop with no sign and a struggling grapevine near Princi Butcher).

Can I make an order in store?

Sure, just ask, we are still likely to ask you to pay on the spot. 

Can I pay on pickup?

Unfortunately not, best intentions aside we require payment upfront. 

When can I pickup?

7am to 1pm on Thursdays and Fridays
7:30am to 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays 

How long will the bread keep?

Depends how you like it and keep it. The moment it's cut it will begin to dry but the higher hydration and acidity will keep it longer than most breads you will find. I like it fresh for 1-2 two days and toasted thereafter for up to two weeks. If kept in a breathable fibre like our Shannon Malone linen bag it will stale slower. It can also be kept in a plastic bag in the fridge or sliced and frozen. The smaller breads like the rolls or ficelle will stale faster and are best frozen sooner if you plan to eat them later 

Do you do Gluten Free?

We do make the odd gluten-free product but largely no. Because of the environment in the bakery our products will never be suitable for coeliacs. But if you are going to eat gluten this is probably the most digestible way to get it. Because we ferment extensively and prioritise grains that have not sacrificed nutrition for yield, the gluten present is the most digestible its likely going to be. We would recommend starting with a product like the “ancient grain” which uses more expensive but healthier/older wheats for those who are more gluten sensitive. Amongst other things these wheats haven't been dwarfed so they have larger, more robust root systems distributed amongst fewer seeds making more for more nutrient rich delicious flour (and less likely to require synthetic inputs/sprays).

Is it sourdough?

Yes, everything except the pastries and cakes has been naturally leavened by a healthy wild starter culture specific to Hunter Bread. 

What happens if I am running late to collect my order?

Selecting a specific collection time allows us to schedule your order in so that it is prepared on time and as fresh as possible, if you are running late however that's okay. As long as you can arrive by 1pm latest. Please give us a heads up if possible 0401966548.

No one has got back to me?

Sorry about that. It's sort of just one person doing everything here. We’ll do our best to get back as timely as is necessary!

I saw you had something in the shop that I can’t find on the web shop?

Some things are still a bit mercurial and they will likely stay that way. What we have up is what we can reliably supply regularly. 

Why only four days, do you guys hate making money?

Yes, actually we hate making money. 

Do you slice the bread?

No, usually the bread is too fresh to slice. Theres a machine that might do the job but at this stage its out of reach, maybe sometime in the future.

Why are your products so dark?

We like a darker crust. It comes with long fermentation making sugars caramelise on the surface creating a burnished colour and chewy texture. Modern bread has prioritised shorter baking times and little fermentation causing a blonder crust and less sour interior which we think is less delicious. 

Do you sell anything with a softer crust?

Sort of, some things might be lest crusty on any given day, but a thick chewy crust and sour taste is kind of our thing.  

The bread looks different to the photo

Probably. Things change - often for the better, sometimes for the different. We do our best to keep the quality the same and will not sell anything we don’t believe in. If its still a problem we’ll look at some kind of an exchange or refund. 

Do you deliver?

We’d like to but don’t have the resources at this stage. 

Do you do wholesale or cater for larger special occasions?

Possibly, we’ll likely talk you out of it. Send an email and expect and untimely response from 

I can’t find you guys?

We don’t have much of a sign, but look for Princi butcher and then a bit to the right of that, inside is a bakery that looks like a pop up. 

What are ancient grains?

Ancient grains are original breeds of wheat and grain dating back thousands of years. Meaning they haven’t been bred for certain characteristics like yield and pesticide resistance as intensively as modern wheat and other cereal varieties. 

Some wheat varieties include : Emmer, Khorasan, Spelt, Purple Wheat, Einkorn
Non-wheat varieties include: Rye, barley, oats
Gluten-free varieties include: Buckwheat, Quinoa, Teff, Millet

N.B. all wheat and rye contain gluten, but many people with gluten sensitivities find ancient grains easier to digest.